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Don't use this compay.

By: non-member | February 27, 2015

This company is awful to deal with. Constant calls trying to sell you extra packages you don't need and they don't respect request for cancellation. I used them for 1 year and my lawn doesn't look any better than it did last year. I asked them to not come back, I didn’t want their services this year and yet I got a invoice in my mailbox yesterday. I called to ask why a "Technician" was at my house when I didn't approve the service for this year and the woman on the phone said their services auto roll to the next year (they didn't have a record my cancellation request, complete BS). Thank goodness I changed my credit card before this happened so they couldn't charge me without permission.

Weed Man Lawn Care Svc

3945 Hammond Bay Rd Nanaimo, BC

category: Lawn Care - Contractors

Very professional, clearly...

By: non-member | February 11, 2015

From the 1st interaction, it was clear these guys know what they are doing. Realistic expectations and timelines were given upfront, then very experienced team delivered on them. They provide lots of advice, great website, easy to pay online, well written(typed) instructions, well-informed people on the phone- class act all around.
Best of all, after 3 years of service, my lawn is looking thick and healthy. (except under the pine tree) which they mentioned would never really grow and I'd need to mulch under it.

Lawn Savers

27 Ruggles Ave Thornhill, ON

category: Lawn Care - Contractors

to avoid

By: non-member | September 4, 2014

Service is very bad, I took my mower to them beginning of June, no news until July when I went there to inquire about it. they told me "we did not have time to check it", one week later they called me and told me it is the fuse, and the fuse is not covered by the warranty and will cost me around $60, but if we order the whole piece, the warranty will cover it.
Another month later, that is mid August they called me to tell me it is the charger, and again the charger is not covered by the warranty and they prepared an invoice of over $100 for the charger aside from the $40 that I paid as a security deposit in the beginning. I told that is not fair and there was nothing to do with the charger. they confiscated (stole) my $40, and why "stole": because when I called Ryobi they told me the charger is under warranty and it is clearly indicated in the mower's manuals and not only that, the respectful company "RYOBI" sent me by expedited mail the charger without any charge. this is the service I got from Atelier Guglia Jean & Fils and how they robbed me of $40

Jean Guglia & Fils

10318 Rue DE LA Roche Montreal, QC

category: Lawn Care - Retailers

More than Satisfied with the recieved...

By: Postech | August 26, 2014

As far as my opinion is concerned, Exclusive Exteriors is the best sod removal and installation service provider in and around Toronto. Initially I was a little hesitant on giving this project to them. But thanks to my wife, she asked me to give the work of sod installation to Exclusive Exteriors and they really surprised me by providing me the things as I wished and within the tenure they promised. Thanks Exclusive Exteriors.

Exclusive Exteriors

9275 Ontario 48 Markham Markham, ON

category: Lawn Care - Repairs

Charging for job not done

By: non-member | June 20, 2014

As I moved into my new house I just took over the services of the previous house owner. UNFORTUNATELY! I had to call 3-4 times before they came and did the job the previous owners had paid for. And still they only did half the job that was paid for.
After almost 3 weeks and 3-4 calls they still haven't come to cut the grass but claim that they cut it a week ago. And will chargé us for the non-cut. The grass is 7ich tall and that is not a one-week growth.

Empire Yard Services

246 Stewart Green SW Suite 2454 Calgary, AB

category: Lawn Care - Contractors

Landscape maintenance and construction

By: julietopper | April 2, 2014

Toppers Enterprises employees Heroys functional polite and dressed properly
The job is always done on time and very well
The company has been in business for 25years so you know they will be around and also do a good job
Toppers Enterprises does commercial and residential work and Hamilton Branford Stonycreek and surrounding areas

Topper's Enterprises

262 Lynden Rd Lynden, ON

category: Lawn Care - Contractors

Sketchy Door To Door Promotion...

By: non-member | March 8, 2014

Just had a sketchy looking kid knock on my door well after dark asking if I was interested in lawn care services (give me a break, it is late at night and snow is covering most lawns in the city right now). This kid definitely gave me the creeps. Just based on this experience, I would never use this company for any lawn care service.

If they want to promote their services, take out a newspaper ad or pay for a bulk mail flyer. Door to door is not acceptable these days.

Weed Man

383 Buchner Rd Welland, ON

category: Lawn Care - Contractors