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By: byronperry26 | October 4, 2016

Finally a lawn care company that shows respect. Had the unfortunate experience of dealing with another company for the last two years and sure was taken advantage of. This company showed respect for my home, lawn and myself. The employees were clean and thorough. The manager called and came around to check and see that I was satisfied and helped me with a plan of attack. All I can say is thank you nutrilawn.
Byron Perry.

Bad service!

By: Weedmanlies | August 31, 2016

I paid up front for wWeedman in Winnipeg to fertilize my lawn. They said they would be out within a few days. A week later I called and was told they would be out the next day. Got home no fertilizer applied. I called and they said, oh, we applied it today, but after much discussion learned they had applied the fertilizer to another lawn by mistake. Was told they would come the next day, but again no fertilizer. It's now 3 weeks since I ordered the service and no fertilizer. I see now why they want you to pay up front. Do NOT use Weedman; worse service I have ever had!!!!!

Weed Man

Winnipeg, MB

category: Lawn Care - Contractors

Amazing And Trustworthy

By: kathybruynson | August 27, 2016

I am delighted to have discovered Dave Does Lawns! I live out of province and maintain a rental property in Edmonton. I am amazed at how lovely Dave and Christine keep my yard looking year round. They deal with the grass, weeds, snow removal, and random yard work. They are super friendly and feel like family, keeping me updated with photos, emails and phone calls. I will recommend these guys in a heartbeat!

Not worth the risk. Get other...

By: Angeloseltsas | August 26, 2016

This guy is so unprofessional, his work at my home goes against the very value proposition home irrigation has to offer.

By design I now water my homes foundation and very significant portions of the road. Did I mention there are places on my lawn and gardens I stand in and remain completely dry.

My primate functionality need was to keep my law as and gardens independent of one another. The stupidity of his design makes this an impossibility so I only have 20% of the functionality I need

When I pointed out my concerns he resorted to threats and intimidation. My concern was he came onto my property with the intention of not acting in good faith because he ripped me off of 25 % of what was on the contract we discussed and agreed to.

Sprinkler heads were injury risks at 2 inches above the soil, and instead of fixing them he thought piling soil and sand in some places to cover up his incompetence was the right business decision.

I have...


Horrible Service - Don't use this...

By: thomaspauline | August 24, 2016

I decided to get some help with maintaining my lawn this year - what a mistake!! I chose TruGreen - another mistake - this year my lawn had more weeds than previous years and it's become the talk of the neighbourhood - the worst looking lawn on the block - very embarrassing!! I called the company several times to complain - each time they said they sent someone out but there was no evidence that anyone ever came - just a bill. I would not recommend this company to anyone - please, please stay away, they make promised that they do not keep - I have a camera and not once did it record anyone servicing my lawn all summer!


By: iiv | August 19, 2016

I have selected Services des Espaces Verts among many other lawn care contractors because their website offered TrueNatural service with only organic fertilizers.
The very first service they provided was not organic. The technician who performed that service put on my lawn warning signs of used pesticides. I called to the company asking why my lawn was treated with pesticides. They explained that they did not realize that I wanted organic service and therefore charged me for the whole season only for the regular non-organic service. I made an additional payment to cover the difference in the price between organic and non-organic treatments for all remaining services, and the next scheduled service was really organic.
After the third service I found again on my lawn warning signs of used pesticides. I called to the company to ask what is going on. They told me that I have nothing to worry: technician has applied only organic fertilizers and by mistake put one inappropriate...


Worst service ever!!

By: Chevygrl69 | June 28, 2016

I read all these reviews and decided to try them anyways. Regretting that decision. They say unlimited resprays but takes them a month to actually spray. When you phone in they are rude and say your lying because they don't keep track. I have received an email every day for the last week and a half saying they are coming the next day and still have not come. Call in and they say for sure they will be there tomorrow but they don't come. The kid that comes out is nice but literally sprays front, back and sides in 3 or 4 minutes and wonders why I still have a yard full of weeds. Don't waste your money like so many of us have!!!! Go with someone else!!!

Weed Man

Guelph, ON

category: Lawn Care - Contractors


By: duganrocha | June 27, 2016

Hired these guys to sod our backyard. Workers and even the owner came out to look at the yard and give an estimate. Estimate turned out to be incorrect - off by 6-7 pallets!?! We agreed to pay for extra pallets of sod to complete the job that was practically abandoned and never finished. After repeated phone calls and texts, they brought in additional sod that looked like it was dead weeds and then demanded payment. They never finished the project, but guaranteed the sod they installed that did not grow or that died for 60 days. Of course the last few pallets of terrible sod they brought in did not grow. We were left with dirt patches in the yard. When we called after 30 days to have them come replace the bad sod, we only got the run around. Repeated appointments were made that they never showed up for or called to cancel. Even their company telephone goes to voicemail with a full mailbox so you cannot leave a message. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any company, period.

Did not perform work

By: non-member | June 17, 2016

We hired Green Haircut to aerate, power rake and take care of fertilizing and weed control throughout the summer. We paid them $280 for this. Since paying them, they have only power raked. We have had to phone them back several times as we continually have weeds in our grass. As we are very unhappy with their service, we have asked for a refund. The owner Travis has not answered or returned any of my calls or emails.

Should never higher them

By: non-member | June 16, 2016

The worst company ever. They don't do any thing. They should change their names to weed growing company because they fertilize when the dandillions start growing. So by the next time you see a lot of weeds. Secondly even if you ask them to stop they don't stop their services and ask you to pay by force. I did not want to give them any star but I have to just because of the website.

Weed Man

London, ON

category: Lawn Care - Contractors